The Compact Disc Recorder or CD-R was a game changer in the audiophile world in that music lovers could rip and manage their music on a burned, silver disc the way that we had in the 1980s on cassette tapes. People went crazy. They made mix tapes (discs now) that could take CDs that could easily be ripped to a computer and then output them LEGALLY to other formats. The cost of CD-Rs went down and down as did the players until they were truly mainstream,

What never became mainstream was Blu-ray Recorders.

People in the professional audio world recorded on Blu-ray discs because of their high storage volume. Their lack of compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act made it very hard to legally put music onto a Blu-ray for consumers.

Perhaps things will change over the years but Blu-ray recording remains unpopular in the audiophile world as well as the professional audio world.